Greyhound Pet Adoption Las Vegas - In Memoriam

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.
The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Author unknown...

Seamus, loved by The McKearneys

Nate Loved T-Rex

Coco Gazelle 
2000 - 2009
Missed by Kelley and Michael

Cody & Poodle Sister


Happy passed away at the young age of 7 from aggressive soft tissue cancer




Nate was adopted sight unseen by the McCann's in 2003. We'd just moved to Pahrump from So CA, and I got horribly lost on the way home. The drive from Lee Minardi's house to our house ended up taking over two hours, and through it all, our new addition remained calm and unconcerned, stretched out in the back of our SUV. That was how Nate lived his life with us, quietly and with grace. He quickly mastered his CGC skills and became an awesome Therapy Dog. Nate had a special affinity for children, other animals and anyone in need. Whether visiting in hospitals, cancer centers or at Nathan Adelson Hospice, Nate quickly made legions of friends with his gracious and patient demeanor. He bestowed many blessings and received many in return. The only thing not given to our beautiful boy was the blessing of long life.

Nate was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma last Fall. I am amazed at the number of lives he touched and how many people are affected by his passing.

Bill and I were honored to share our home with him, and I was privileged to be his Pet Therapy partner for five years. Even as he endured the ravages of bone cancer, Nate remained gracious, sweet and always loving.

He was truly a once-in-a-lifetime dog.

Ronnie Driver

Gunner was known by everyone in the Carson Valley Gardnerville/ Minden area. The kids just loved him. I had him in every fund raiser, costume money raiser, craft shows in Reno and Carson Valley and he was my constant Good Will Ambassador for the awareness events for the adoption of ex-racers. Since I was the coordinator of the monthly meet and greets in Carson City Petsmart for our group up there Nevada Greyhounds Unlimited he was there always.

When he came to me he was not yet two, he had stitches in his side and back. Very withdrawn and shy straight off the Phoenix track. Very mistreated but once he learned to trust me he was my kindred spirit forever. He never did overcome his shyness and fear without me. This didn't stop him from totally enjoying the involvement with the activities. He especially liked the parades. We would always be one of the walking hounds next to the floats because he was good with kids. He just needed me there with him at all times.

As you can see from one of the pictures he was a celebrity in the newspaper. This always happened whenever we entered anything. This night was the annual Carson Valley Parade of Lights. It is a VERY LARGE parade lasts about 2 hours. The main highway is closed down and there are usually about 100 or more floats entered. It kicks off the holiday season. We represented the Sertoma Civic Club this night. The theme this year was Wild Animals Celebrate/Winter in the Sierras. I made our costumes. I was a snow bunny and he was a greyhound pretending to be as a reindeer. I had his antlers. feet and tail lit up with lights that went on and off. The kids just loved him and ran out to pet him all night.

Please find a place to celebrate this gentle sweet soul's life. It was short but he is greatly loved to this day and remains in my heart and many others hearts as well.

Track name: Gunslinger's Rain forever home name: Gunner - July 2001-Dec. 2005
forever kindred spirit and owner: Dawn Barr

Empty Collar – Empty Heart

It was a sunny but cool December afternoon when the final decision was made to take Ronnie into see her Veterinarian. Ronnie had been battling a rapid onset of Osteosarcoma as well as her slowly developing kidney disease. To forgo any details of Ronnie’s state that day, I will say she was not as majestic as she always presented herself, but left us as dignified as ever.

The next morning on my way to work, I looked over and saw Ronnie’s collar lying in the passenger seat and for a moment my heart felt very empty. But then I began to reminisce of the wonderful times spent with her. Coming home to a 65 pound lady dancing or running in a circle at full speed in a space of 8x8, wanting to know where I have been; racing me from the laundry room to the kitchen with dinner in hand – she always won; laying next to my chair and pawing at my arm up with her front leg as to say “how about some more petting”; watching her run, growl, and bark in her dreams – don’t know if she ever caught it; looking up from the kitchen floor as to ask “am I in your way?” or the look of “what” when ever she was guilty of something; only dog that ever beat me in a staring contest; beating any of us upstairs when it was time for bed or taking a nap – she was really good at the nap thing.

Even though I have plenty of family that surrounds me and two dachshunds always afoot, Ronnie always filled a special place in my heart and played an important part of my life, as she will continue in my memories. Some say that she was lucky to find our home. Au contraire, we were the lucky ones!

Yes, Ronnie was quite the Queen of attitudes and she wore the cowlick on her neck as her crown. Our time of just over 2 years, blessed with her presence, will never be enough. She will be truly missed. But you know, I came home that same day to two dachshunds dancing around wanting to know where I have been…

Ronnie Driver 1/1/1996 – 12/6/2006
A good Friend
With love – The Bussey Family



Ed and Ellen lost their Jasmine to liver disease on July 28, 2008. Jasmine was mommy to a litter of puppies including Spago here in Las Vegas. Jasmine lived with her poodle Ginger and brother Cody who are both at the Rainbow Bridge to greet her. She will be missed by Ellen and Ed and greyhound sister Scarlett

AL, my adopted former racing greyhound dog died peacefully at home, May 8, 2004.  AL was my faithful companion for over 11 years and will be greatly missed. He would have been age 14 this October and has been failing for some months.

Art Spector

Zuzu is missed so much, The love and affection she gave to us, she was very special. Thanks for bringing her into our lives. - Al, Wendy and brother Gus

Don Julio aka "Bubba"- Passed away at the young age of 7 on September 1, 2004 after a courageous battle with Osteosarcoma & Valley Fever. Loved by The Hickeys & companion Greyhound sisters, Tequila & Scampi. A gorgeous fawn brindle boy with a gentle heart who helped his very shy sister, Tequila, adjust to retired life. Don Julio was also a nominee for the Nevada Veterinary Medical Association's 2003 Animal Hall of Fame Award honoring animals who exemplify the strength and value of the human/animal bond. Nominated for the award as a result of  his "life giving" emergency blood donation to a German Shepherd named, Star dearly loved by her owner, Joyce. Bubba's blood donation gave Star & Joyce the chance to have a little more time together.

Snowshoes is missed by the Luliucci’s

Beloved Jake, Bouncy Boy 9/11/2000 - July 25, 2010 , remembered and loved by Judy Currier

Lily - is missed by the Minardis

Java, missed by the Barrer's.

Spago was given to me in a parking lot in August of 2000 at the age of only 8 weeks old. He attended his first Greyhound Picnic in October of that year and was the attention of all who have never seen a greyhound puppy. He was dressed in his Halloween costume as a black cat and was just adorable. At the picnic I found out that Jasmine was his mother and had the opportunity of meeting her. I was a bit amazed that such a black dog had a beautiful fawn colored mom. Although he never raced, he was so welcomed by the Greyhound Pets family.

This beautiful animal was adored by all whose path he came across. Whether out for walks, at the vet's office, at the dog park, or at the dog birthday parties he attended he was the center of attention. I almost felt (and I said this frequently) as if I was driving a Bentley. He gave me the best 9 years of his life.

In October of 2008 he was diagnosed with bone cancer and a decision needed to be made. Our family decided on amputation of his rear left leg. You would have never known I had a three-legged dog. It didn't stop him one bit. He went through his chemo treatments like a trooper. Unfortunately, his kidneys didn't handle the poison in his system and after 7 months they began to fail. The decision to send him over the Rainbow Bridge was heartbreaking and devistating. "This isn't the way you were suppose to go" I often told him. On July 22, 2009 almost a year to the day his mother, Jasmine passed, Spago took his journey to be with her. How much love did he have for me? He couldn't walk any longer in his final days. He would always greet me at the door when I came home up until the end. Two days prior to his passing, he heard me come home and literally crawled to greet me. This is truly my best friend. It's been over a month and a half and I still miss him tremendously!!! I feel blessed that I was graced with the presence of this gentle giant for 9 wonderful years. He resides on my nightstand close to me as he always was and receives a nightly kiss and will until "we meet again over the Rainbow Bridge."

Spago RIP 2000-2009
How you were always there for a hug when I needed it most.
How you gave me a reason to come home.
How I loved you with all my heart, but you always loved me more.
Valerie Krempasky

Chili - remembered and loved by Neil, Max, Pepper & Carrie Levy


Chili (our first girl is named Pepper) came to us after being on the street for as long as two years. Her breeder tattoo had been purposely obliterated, leading us to believe that she was just turned loose early in life to fend for herself. Someone found her and turned her in to the GPA in Houston, where we lived in 1998.

She was understandably squeamish and standoffish at first, taking a long time to warm up to being inside the house. She was afraid of noises, wind, TV sound, the slick hardwood floors, just about everything. She never went into small rooms. She wouldn't even drink water inside the house. We put a bowl outside just for her. Maxine called her 'our autistic child'. We loved her just the same.

Chili had her individualism...a cowlicky necktop mane from the back of her head to her shoulders, a skinny little rat tail, the softest fur I've ever felt on a dog and what my youngest daughter called 'Chili ears'. They stood straight up, just like a Doberman's.

Shortly after adopting our sweetie, GPA determined she had heartworms. They covered the treatment in 1999 and Chili recovered fully.

It was fun to watch her chase her retired racer sister, Carrie around the 10' X 16' garden we had made in the center of the back yard. They did this so much, I saw the oval they dug in the grass still there on a recent Google satellite view of the old house.

We moved to Las Vegas in 2002. Chili, Pepper and Carrie occupied the Lexus SUV, supported by the cushioning power of 8 blankets and various pillows. Not a bad way to go cross country. The Girls were boarded for the 5 weeks it took to build our home.

In the 5th week Carrie and Chili got into it and Chili was so chewed up, it literally took all of Dr. Daffner's skill to save her. She healed completely. We moved to Pahrump in June 2008. Our slinky sweetie finally found her happy place. A 1/3 acre fenced-in backyard just for her to run around in, a doggie door to go in and out through and so much attention from us.

Her final year was by far her happiest. She just loved living in the country. We will always remember her running out the doggie door on crisp November mornings and just having a blast in her favorite weather. She'd jump up and down, run around, abruptly turn and run the other way then stop again. She was so fast and athletic, even by Grey standards. She enriched our lives every day, and we will always miss her.

Sweetie arrived to us November 27, 2001.  She was very timid when we got her, but has grown to love and bond over the years.  She was the best dog you could ask for.  She never demanded a lot and always wanted to please us.  Since we got Sweetie, we also adopted two other greyhounds who learned a lot from Sweetie.  She was the "Big" sister and they looked up to her. 

The last year or so she slowed up a bit.  She lost some sight in her left eye, and was also getting a little hard of hearing.  She started walking slower, but never refused a walk.  Within the last two weeks, she started having a hard timewith her rear legs and was finding it harder and harder to walk.  One day she just collapsed and didn't want to walk.  We helped her to get up and then she would try to do it herself only to see her back legs bend to the point where there could not hold her up.  We watched her struggle trying to do it herself and it was heartbreaking to see.  Sweetie's back feet would bend and she seemed to have no feeling in them anymore.  We took her to the vet and they took lots of x-rays only to get the bad news that there really isn't anything they could do to cure this, but only to make her comfortable.  With her age, it was just a matter of time.  She would have been 14 on June 24, 2011

Sweetie never did have any accidents in her last week.  She somehow would let us know when she wanted to go out, and we would carry her and put her down so she could do what she had to do.  She always wanted to please us and you could see it in her eyes that she was sorry for making us care for her in this way.  Last night, her front leg started to get like the back and she seemed to be very uncomfortable...moving around and not being able to get comfortable.  It was so hard to watch her like this and she seemed to be in pain.  We had to make the hardest decision ever to have her move on and cross over to Rainbow Bridge.

Sweetie left us at about 9pm on April 26th, 2011.  We stayed with her to the very end.  She will never be forgotten by her Mom & Dad, her Grandma, and her two "sisters", Kacy and Bridgette..


We love you Sweetie, and you will always be with her in our hearts!! One day in the future, we will all be together again....You were the best friend a human can have!!!! Run free and wait for us!!!!

Love, Mommy & Daddy

From Star to Shooting Star
By Rita Hickey

"I wonder if Star will now be able to run faster?" was the lighthearted question I was asked on a recent Saturday morning at the vet's office, in a not-so-lighthearted situation.

The phone rang shortly after 7:00 a.m., rousing two greyhounds and their humans from a deep sleep. A dog was coming in for emergency surgery needing a blood transfusion. Since I mentioned at one time to call if they ever needed a donor, would I be willing to bring in one of my dogs? I got dressed with greyhound speed and Don Julio and I were on our way to Pecos-Russell Animal Hospital. Joyce had just gotten there with her 8-year-old beautiful German shepherd, a girl named Star. She took her to the back and Don Julio, a.k.a. Bubba, was escorted to the back also. I was told that he would have to stay for a couple of hours and might have to be sedated. I was ready to leave when Joyce came out and asked me if I was the mom of that beautiful greyhound who was going to save her little girl's life. She didn't waste any time coming over to give me a big hug and we both cried.
It seemed I barely got home when the phone rang; Don Julio was doing fine, in fact he was sooo good, they didn't even have to tranquilize him? My husband and I were so proud of our boy. We were right all along - 'he da man!'

When I went to pick him up, Star was still waiting for her surgery. Joyce and I sat there with our two and dogs and talked, between big wet kisses from Star for both of us. I wished them good luck, gave them another hug, and left.

A few hours later I went back with our little girl Tequila for her routine thyroid blood check. Star was out of surgery and recovering well. The news was good and bad. They removed her spleen because of cancer and it looked like the cancer had spread. Don Julio however, gave Star and Joyce a little bit more time together (they are hoping for six months). I know if Don Julio could talk, he would tell us how happy he was that he could help (and that it was worth it for the puppy chow and cookies he got.)

From now on when I look at the stars in the sky, I will always remember that beautiful shepherd face, with her sparkling, bright eyes. My husband and I hope that Star will be able to bring Joyce many more months of the joy, companionship and affection that Don Julio and Tequila give us every day.

And next time you look up into the sky and see a shooting star - it might be a German shepherd running like a greyhound! 

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