The Fragile Circle

We who choose to surround ourselves with lives
even more temporary than our own
live within a fragile circle,

easily and often breached.

Unable to accept it's awful gaps
We still would live no other way.

We cherish memory as the only certain immortality,
never fully understanding the necessary plan.

Irving Townsend




Greyhounds are the oldest pure breed dog and date back to the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt.  It's also the only dog to be mentioned in The Bible.



Life's Good

These purebred athletes enjoy many years of good health.  With proper care, they have a life expectancy of 12 years or more.





About Greyhound Pet Adoption Las Vegas (GPALV)

Who Is Greyhound Pet Adoption Las Vegas and What Do We Do?

Greyhound Pet Adoption Las Vegas (GPALV) is a 501(c)(3), Nevada Nonprofit Corporation established to promote adoption of retired racing greyhounds primarily in metropolitan Las Vegas and Southern Nevada. Greyhound Pet Adoption Las Vegas is a volunteer organization dedicated to finding loving homes for greyhounds from dog tracks across the country. Through our community service work, we attempt to raise public awareness that these ex-racing purebred dogs make excellent loving pets and that they are available for adoption into qualified homes. We have successfully found homes for over 560 greyhounds!

What is the Greyhound Pet Adoption Las Vegas Adoption Philosophy?

Greyhound Pet Adoption Las Vegas is committed to ensuring that the quality of homes found will take precedence over the quantity of greyhounds placed.

What is the Benefit of Fostering Greyhounds in Individual Foster Homes?

Greyhounds arriving at our organization are primarily from the racing kennels where they have been recently retired. Fostering them in individual homes (usually with greyhound adopters) helps them transition from racetrack to retirement relatively stress-free.  Each greyhound arriving in Las Vegas resides in a foster home until it is adopted. 

What is the Procedure for Adopting a Greyhound from Greyhound Pet Adoption Las Vegas?

Complete and submit or mail the online application to Greyhound Pet Adoption Las Vegas. Once the application is reviewed, you will be contacted by email or by phone. Prior to adoption a personal visit with a greyhound adoption placement representative will occur in your home. Following approval for adoption, you will need to obtain the necessary adoption supplies and equipment.  A visitation with the available greyhounds and selection of your greyhound will be scheduled by a Greyhound Pet Adoption Las Vegas representative. 

What does it Cost to Adopt a Greyhound?

A donation of $325 per greyhound is required, which includes the costs of spaying/neutering, dental cleaning, blood testing, parasite testing, flea and tick treatment, vaccinations, transportation and grooming. An identification tag, a martingale collar and a leash are also included in the donation.

How Long Is the Adoption Process?

In general, after an adoption application is received, it is processed within a few weeks. Availability of greyhounds for adoption varies depending on when they are released by racetracks. Usually, there are a small number of greyhounds available for adoption at all times. Contact Greyhound Pet Adoption Las Vegas for additional information and with questions concerning adoptions.

How Else Can You Help?

If you are unable to adopt a greyhound, you can still help us: Make a donation. We are a non-profit organization staffed by volunteers. Our expenses run high and we frequently dip into our own pockets to make ends meet. We warmly appreciate contributions of money, supplies, bedding and quality food.

Volunteer to Help Us.

We are grateful for volunteers to help with fundraising, public relations, transporting dogs, placement follow-ups, home visits, etc. Tell your friends About Greyhound Pet Adoption Las Vegas and our wonderful greyhounds. Give us your ideas. We welcome new ideas to help us promote our program and improve operations. Sponsor a greyhound awaiting adoption.

Our Veterinarians Who Keep Our Fosters Healthy!

Pecos-Russell Animal Hospital, 456-3848, 3488 E. Patrick , South/Southeast Dr. Paula Paetz. Dr. Paetz has 3 greyhounds, Picabo, Cinderella & Mardi Gras, who also work at the clinic! She generously donates discounted services to Greyhound Pet Adoption Las Vegas Foster Dogs.

Rainbow Animal Hospital, 363-1300, 244 S. Rainbow Blvd, Northwest/West Dr. Neil Patton. He generously donates discounted services to Greyhound Pet Adoption Las Vegas Foster Dogs.

Spencer Springs Animal Hospital, 702-896-9999, 1855 E. Warm Springs, Southwest/South/Henderson generously donates discounted services to Greyhound Pet Adoption Las Vegas Foster Dogs.

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Contact Us

Greyhound Pet Adoption Las Vegas (GPALV)
PO Box 36748
Las Vegas, NV 89133-6748
Phone: 702.392.5822

A 501(c) (3) Non Profit Charitable Organization dedicated to the welfare and adoption of retired racing greyhounds after their retirement from the racetrack.


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